You screened hundreds of CVs, had a lot of recruitment interviews, presented her•him to the team, negotiated the offer, and you finally found the perfect candidate.

But s•he is having second thoughts?

A recruiter after learning that the candidate has second thoughts

One of the hardest part for a candidate is to get an overview of the team’s culture and how they feel at work. They have to trust the recruiter that the company is their best option, but is it really?

A trusty recruiter

TeamMood To The Rescue

Robin, one of TeamMood’s customers, had difficulties to convince candidates to join his team. It was for an IT position, and the competition is tough to hire software engineers.

To better reflect the team’s culture and what teammates were really living on a daily basis, he showed his TeamMood’s data to the candidate.

TeamMood analytics

The Robin’s team is mainly happy, with some rough periods, as all teams have. But this level of transparency convinced the candidate to apply for the job in Robin’s team.

Now, Robin systematically shows the TeamMood’s history to new candidates, so that they can see what happened and how it has been handled. No more bad surprises ;)

Header picture by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash.