Initially designed for single teams, TeamMood has evolved and is now often adopted in multi-team setups. 

Added complexity and the need to reflect your company’s structure in TeamMood led us to redesign parts of our system. Now, with these improvements in place, we can better align your team setups with your company structures, be it a matrix, a hierarchical or a Spotify Tribe Engineering model or it’s offsprings.

Of course, single team setups continue to be more than welcome and are arguably the reason why TeamMood has become what it is today.

As of today we are rolling out the first fruits of these improvements: Our new Analytics filter, which allows you to:

  • Intuitively selecting and combining filter criteria, be it across teams, tags or other units according to which your company is structured,
  • See at any moment your analytics and applied filter criteria.

In the coming months, TeamMood’s UI will gradually evolve with the analytics filters being the first one of a series of improvements. Here is how it works:

(click to enlarge)

Just contact us if you want to be part of ou beta program and try this new filter!

Header photo by Malin Strandvall on Unsplash


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