Since several months, you certainly have seen some strange referral sources in your Google Analytics reports. Those are spam:

Spam in Google Analytics

You have several ways to avoid this, such as:

  • using segment by excluding these domains in Google Analytics reports
  • excluding these domains in Google Analytics filter

But you have to know which domains to exclude for both methods, and they are evolving everyday.

The most effective way I found is to only include traffic that go to your website (the spam does not really go on your website, they just mess with the Google Analytics API).

To do that, just go to the Google Analytics Admin Panel, and choose “Filter”:

Filters in Google Analytics

Then add a new filter:

Add a new filter in Google Analytics

And the last steps are to:

  • choose a name for your filter, such as “Exclude Spam”
  • select “Custom”
  • click “Include”
  • choose “Hostname” in the “Filter field”
  • in the “Filter Pattern” field, use the following syntax .*| and replace by your domain name (Google Translate is there in case people are using it to translate your page with Chrome).

Remove Spam in Google Analytics

It will not remove the old spam, but from now, the spam will not ever be recorded.

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