If you’re reading this blog, you are probably aware of the benefits of fostering well-being in the workplace, in terms of employee engagement and productivity.

(Note that we talk about well-being rather than happiness, which would be rather presumptuous as happiness depends on a number of factors that companies and managers cannot control).

But do you know how to make it happen?

We’ve gathered our best resources to guide you through this change. Follow the lead! 

Adapting your hiring process

It all starts with hiring the right person for the right job. And I’m not talking about competencies only. Culture fit is one of the key criteria – if not the most important – to infuse a feeling of belonging to your team members.

Moreover, you’ll need to pay attention to the expectations of your candidates. Motivation drivers have evolved over the years, and hiring millennials can be challenging for managers who don’t understand them.

And once you’ve found the perfect candidate, why not trying the transparency card and sharing the actual mood of your team?

Managing for the well-being of your teammates

Well-being at work depends on a number of factors you (as a manager) should always keep in mind:

Dealing with conflicts

Even the perfect company cannot avoid dissatisfaction and conflicts. However, managers can make a difference by identifying the signs of underlying conflict early on, and not letting the situation escalate.

If like many managers you feel helpless when conflicts arise, we’ve crafted a 5-step guide to defusing conflicts at work.

Choosing the right tools

Benevolent managers need their toolbox too! Tools to better manage projects, to learn from failures and successes, to say thank you… You can dig in our own selection of tools to make your teammates happier at work.

And to measure the positive impact of all these changes on your teammates, you can measure your team’s health with a Niko-niko calendar.

If you feel some of these pieces of advice were especially useful to you, feel free to highlight them in the comment section and to share them on your favorite social media 😉 

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